shipping & returns

shipping information:

shipping via united states postal service:

$3 for first item, $1.50 each additional item. 
purchases of over 4 items to the same address will receive a discount.

still working on the other garments & hats.

thank you for your patience.





returns & exchanges:

i will accept returns within 30 days. 

if it's a size issue, send it back and i'll cover shipping the correct size to you.     any exchanges for size after that are on you.

if you receive a damaged item, shoot me an email with a picture of the damage, and unless it was damaged in transit, i'll exchange it & cover shipping. 

if it was damaged in transit, then we can take it up with the transit provider and get it all squared away.   i'll still ship you a new one as soon as i get the damaged one back.

if the returned item is damaged due to improper care, or lack of application of proper and provided cleaning instructions- basically, if you try to return something that you damaged or washed improperly- then i'll be really offended, and your purchase will be forfeit- no money returned, & i keep the product.   cause that's just crappy.